Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery Lasik Surgery Lasik Surgery Lasik Surgery Lasik Surgery

Which one is for me, Standard Lasik or Epi-Lasik?

In summary, Standard Lasik surgery involves the cutting of flap. Epilasik surgery is a no cut, no flap, surface based procedure.

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How can Epi-Lasik help me?

Epi-Lasik can help if:

  • You would like to preserve the structural integrity of the cornea.
  • You have thin cornea.
  • You are afraid of getting cornea cut.
  • You have high myopia.
  • You do not want to worsen your dry eye.
  • You are an active sports person.
  • You are a military person.

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Why Clearvision?

Experience: Clearvision is the pioneer dedicated private Lasik Center since 2001 in Singapore. Since 2007, it is the pioneer in Epilasik Surgery.

German Precision Technology: FDA-Approved Technolas 217P with Advance Control Eye Tracking Technology

Competitive Pricing:
$3388 for 2 eyes

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